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What is conservation?


What to expect from treatment?


What is my object/artifact worth?

Conservators do not provide monetary appraisals or evaluations. For our purposes it does not matter if the object is a priceless piece or one of sentimental value as we strive to provide the best treatments no matter the object’s actual worth. However, it should be recognized that some objects may have great sentimental value yet little intrinsic value. In such cases, judgment regarding the suitability of conservation cost must be made by the owner. We will be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues who is a qualified appraiser.

How will conservation treatment affect the value of my artwork?

Anyone who has watched Antiques Roadshow now knows that objects in pristine condition are always more valuable than those that have deteriorated or become damaged. However, good conservation treatment (stabilization and restoration) using appropriate materials and techniques will help maintain an object’s value.

How will my object/artifact look after treatment?

The answer to this question depends on the type and origin of the object as well as on the current condition. In the museum world different types of objects receive different cosmetic levels of restoration treatment. Ethnographic and archaeological artifacts are sometimes restored in a manner which allows scholars examining a piece to distinguish original construction from restoration while a casual observer might not notice. For porcelain or decorative arts the commonly accepted practice is to make repairs as invisible as possible. The AlC Code of Ethics dictates that original material should not be covered or removed during treatment. As a result, it is sometimes impossible to make all damage invisible. The goal of restoration treatment is to ensure that the object has a satisfactory integrated appearance overall.

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