Conservation Treatment, Preservation Consulting and Collection Management


Conservation Treatment

We have experience providing hands-on conservation and restoration treatment on a wide variety of materials and object types including, but not limited, to:

By Material Type:

Organic materials

  • Wood (painted and unpainted)
  • Textiles
  • Skin & leather
  • Bone & ivory
  • Feather

Inorganic materials

  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Glass

Modern materials

By Discipline:

  • Decorative arts
  • Archaeological materials & antiquities
  • Ethnographic art
  • Natural Science specimens (e.g. taxidermy, skeleton mounts)
  • Folk art
  • Contemporary art

Collection Assessments

We have extensive experience conducing collection assessments for institutions of varied size and type (general art and history museums, historic houses, science and natural history museums, nature center, arboretum). We are both approved assessors for the new FAIC Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) program, the Collection Needs Assessment Program (CNAP) administered by the Greater Hudson Heritage Network (GHHN) and New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA), as well as the past Conservation Assessment Program administered by Heritage Preservation.  Assessments generally involve time on site during which we study of your building, and building systems, storage and exhibition spaces as well as policies and procedures relating to collections care. We produce a report in collaboration with your staff that details our observations, realistic goals for upgrading conditions, and resources to help achieve these targets. A collection assessment is an excellent first step in improving collection conditions.  See our client list to learn about some of the assessments we have completed as part of the CAP program or as independent projects.

Preservation Consulting

Preventive conservation is the best way to ensure the longevity and preservation of collections and minimize the need for expensive remedial conservation treatment. Our consulting services provide clients with the data, tools and education to create an appropriate environment for their collections. In addition to Collection Assessments discussed above, our consulting services include:

  • Collection surveys and long-range conservation planning
  • Collection storage planning and rehousing
  • Collection move planning
  • Environmental monitoring, assessments and control (temperature, relative humidity and light)
  • Integrated Pest Management planning and implementation, housekeeping plans
  • Collection management
  • Emergency response planning and disaster recovery including onsite evaluations, photographic documentation and written reports, damage and loss surveys.
  • Staff training workshops


Preservation Websites

A.M. Art Conservation staff have been contracted to write, collect and present information to create websites that advance the understanding of preservation and conservation. This is an exciting way for organizations to fulfill grant reporting obligations while giving back to the broader community. Please see our Client list for links to some of our completed projects.


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